Pinkaloo's Giving Feed: Best of 2017 Blog

Here are a handful of our best posts since we launched our blog in the Spring. Some great catch up reading over the holidays. Enjoy, and we look forward to hearing from you and sharing more of our journey in '18.

Six Benefits of a Workplace Giving Program

If you’ve been following Pinkaloo’s launch and roll-out over the past several months, you may have noticed a new section on our website for employers. That’s because we’ve been working with a handful of pilot programs to offer Pinkaloo Modern Giving accounts as part of workplace giving programs. This blog outlines the benefits that our awesome and innovative partners are experiencing from their Pinkaloo workplace giving programs.

Fundraising on Facebook can be improved

Note that since we posted this Blog, Facebook has announced some changes, including lowering their fees, but there is still a great opportunity for even more improvements!

Facebook's charitable giving tools have a chance to have a significant and positive impact, but its approach leaves a lot to be desired and doesn’t necessarily serve its users or charitable organizations as well as it could be.

How Corporate Giving Programs can Help Improve your Brand

Charitable giving is, in my opinion, an untapped branding resource, and it’s one that’s not only for big companies. It demonstrates to customers, employees, and the general public, a company’s values.

How Companies Empowering their Employees Charitable Giving Can Lower the Cost of Recruiting

From what we are seeing, empowering employees' charitable giving via Pinkaloo Modern Giving accounts can have a major positive impact on the bottom line.

How Millennials are Using Charitable Giving Accounts to Amplify Their Impact 

How Millennials are Using Charitable Giving Accounts to Amplify Their Impact Part 2

We are seeing users leverage their Modern Giving accounts in powerful ways that allow them to maximize their impact and better manage their giving. Let’s explore them together.

Does United Way Compete with Fidelity Charitable and How does Pinkaloo fit in?

We are often asked questions such as “Is the United Way a competitor?” and “Is Pinkaloo just another commercial donor advised fund (like Fidelity Charitable)?” The answers are not really and no.

Sooooo, what is this Modern Giving account you speak of?!

What is this modern giving account that Pinkaloo talks about all over our site?  What's a giving account? What's modern about it? And is it really solving a problem? Let's dive into it!