Efficiently Engage a Wider Segment of your Community

Modern Giving allows you to offer DAFs to all members of
your community and to drive even greater impact.

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Build-up funds for future DAF holders.
Modern Giving allows you to offer giving accounts with low or no minimum to donors that aren’t yet in a position to open a DAF. You can start building a long-term relationship today and help them achieve their charitable goals.
Lower cost way to administer existing DAFs
We integrate with your existing gift and grant processes and leverage technology and automation to help you administer your DAFs more efficiently. We are seeing Community Foundations move all of the DAFs smaller than $25k over to Modern Giving.
Power workplace giving programs for local employers
You can partner with local employers to power their workplace giving programs, all automated through Pinkaloo’s white-label Modern Giving. You can build deeper relationships and expand your reach in your community.
White-label crowdfunding campaigns
Our platform has built-in, white-label Crowdfunding tools to allow you to fundraise from a wider audience on behalf of your programs or other organizations in the community.

How It Works

getting started

Get Started & Configure

We help to configure and scope the best program for your organization and to integrate it with your existing processes. You have the flexibility to modify.

  • Branding
  • Promoted charities and causes
  • Tie-ins with your other employee rewards and recognition programs
  • Matching campaigns
roll out

Roll Out

We help you to implement and roll-out your program so that it drives towards your key success metrics.

ongoing engagement

Ongoing Engagement

We partner to drive ongoing engagement and help you grow your program in your community. Don’t worry, we won’t run away as soon as your program is implemented.

   Pinkaloo's core team all started in banking and transitioned to tech, but we’ve always had a burning passion for philanthropy. Let’s bring Modern Giving accounts to your customers and employees for greater simplicity, transparency and engagement.

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