Maximize your Philanthropic Impact

By centralizing your charitable giving through a personal Modern Giving account, you can easily find organizations that match your passions, collaborate with friends and better budget for your giving.


Why use Pinkaloo?

We wanted better tools to manage our giving.

We built the best possible experience for donors. With a Modern Giving account, you can better budget for your giving, discover great local organizations, directly donate to any charity directly from your account, and collaborate with peers.

We partner with Employers, Banks, and Foundations so that your account is free to use.

Here's How It Works


Once you have your account, you can fund your account anytime as a recurring deposit or as a one-time transaction. You’ll immediately receive your tax receipt.


Discover organizations that are aligned with your passions. We have every registered charity available to donate to directly from your account.


No need to send checks in the mail. No worries about entering your credit card on external websites. Donate directly via your web or mobile app wherever and whenever you want. We handle making sure the charity receives their funds.


See where your peers and like-minded donors are giving on the Giving Feed and support their efforts by using our Chip-Ins feature!

 Learn More or Let us reach out to your HR team to create a program at your company on your behalf.

 Pinkaloo's core team all started in banking and transitioned to tech, but we’ve always had a burning passion for philanthropy. Let’s bring Modern Giving accounts to your customers and employees for greater simplicity, transparency and engagement.


Not ready? We’ll make sure you find the right solution. Contact Us for details.

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