New & Stronger Relationships through Philanthropy

Pinkaloo helps you recruit and retain Customers and Employees through our white-label Modern Giving platform.

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Pinkaloo in a Nutshell

We integrate Modern Giving into your existing tools to meet your users where they are and configure your program to drive maximum engagement. Individuals can then use our secure, white-label solution to centrally manage all of their giving, like a Health Savings Account for managing donations.

Individuals fund their account anytime, immediately receive their tax receipt, and can donate to any registered charity anytime and anywhere that they want. We have fun Discover, Collaborative, and Gamification tools built right into the app, and can integrate with your current referral, reward, and engagement programs.

  • Create Account
  • Add Funds
  • Receive Tax Receipt more info
  • Donate to Favorite Charities

Pinkaloo’s Modern Giving is an acquisition and engagement platform that uses philanthropy to make it a win/win

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Create a community within your company around philanthropy

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Financial Institutions

Provide your clients with a tool to be their best self and power the philanthropy in the communities you serve

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Community Foundations

Engage next generation donors, today, and expand your impact

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Wider Reach

Connect with a new generation of Millennials, who want to engage companies with a social story.


Stronger Relationships

Build stronger relationships with employees and customers that will become advocates for your brand.


More Engagement

Introduce creative ways to leverage existing and new tie-in programs.

Features For Users

The best charitable giving experience for your users.

  • Social Collaborations
    Pinkaloo's Giving Feed allows donors to share their donations with their peers. Our built-in crowdfunding, the Chip In, allows community members to collaborate and maximize their impact.
  • The Richest Charity Database
    Unique discovery tools help individuals find organizations that align with their passions. Users can then donate directly to any charity they want to support.
  • Simplicity
    Modern Giving puts users in control of all aspects of their giving, including budgeting, tracking, and of course all of their tax receipts in one place.
  • Making Donating as Easy as Buying Gifts Online
    Donors can support their preferred charities in seconds. Our parents made their first donation in under two minutes. It's that easy!


Built for purpose-driven businesses who want to enrich the charitable-giving experience. We've grown a community of valued partners.

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