Donors amplifying their giving


40, New York City

Too busy to donate  
In his super busy NYC life, Kevin never remembers to be as charitable as he'd like to. Come the end of the year, he wishes he'd done more. Now, he funds his account once per year in December, and as he finds awesome projects during the year, he donates straight from his phone. That's Modern Giving.


32, St. Louis

The time-saver  
Ilana is already a super-donor, supporting her passion projects and her friends' fundraising races. But when it's time to do her taxes, she can never find her receipts. Now she has them all centralized in one place. That's Modern Giving.


25, Portland

The budgeter
Just starting her career, Jessica wanted to donate more than she was, but wasn't prioritizing it. She set up a small recurring deposit each month, and in no time she had enough set aside to be proud of her contributions. That's Modern Giving.