A new banking product your customers will use

A white-labeled account for your customers to centrally manage all of their charitable giving with the best donor experience available.

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An Innovative Product that wins Customers
Pinkaloo provides banks an innovative banking product. Through the introduction of unique commercial and retail tie-in programs, Modern Giving accounts offer a new solution for customer acquisition and retention.
Engage and Capture Millennials
Millennials will significantly increase their investable income and inherit their share of the impending $30 trillion of generational wealth transfer in the next 5 to 10 years. Pinkaloo’s white-label Modern Giving accounts provide an innovative tool to build and deepen relationships.
Be a Front-runner
Pinkaloo’s donation platform is a leader in innovative FinTech. By using our platform, you prove your status as innovative organization and stay ahead of the competition.
Drive the Charity Economy
Charity Giving is at a record high. With over $400 billion donated to charities in 2017, an increase of 5.2% from the previous year, financial institutions are looking for ways to power the charity economy.
Easy to implement, Easy to use
We seamlessly integrate with your existing online banking platform and provide our custom, user-centered white-labeled portal. Single sign-on offers uniform authentication with the convenience of a smooth log-in process.

How It Works

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Configured for You

Work with us to configure the platform according to your business needs and integrate it with your workflow. You have the flexibility to modify.

  • Branding
  • Promoted charities and causes
  • Tie-ins with your other employee rewards and recognition programs
  • Matching campaigns
roll out

Roll Out

We help you to implement and roll-out your program so that it drives towards your key success metrics.


Access Insights into Customer Interests

While your customers manage their giving, we provide you with deep insights into the charities and causes that matter most to them, so that you can align corporate philanthropy with the causes that will resonate with your customers.

Tying Modern Giving into your existing services drives usage and engagement

  • ‘Be the Change’ feature for rounding up card transactions
  • Incentives for opening other products or referring new customers
  • Opportunity for credit card customers to convert rewards points into charitable dollars.
  • Pinkaloo’s crowdfunding capability, Chip Ins, allows your customers to invite their friends and family to join them, and in turn a customer acquisition pipeline for you.

Our Growing List of Partners.

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  Pinkaloo's core team all started in banking and transitioned to tech, but we’ve always had a burning passion for philanthropy. Let’s bring Modern Giving accounts to your customers and employees for greater simplicity, transparency and engagement.

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