How Millennials are Using Charitable Giving Accounts to Amplify Their Impact Part 2

NOTE: For the second time recently, we had way more to share than fits into one digestible blog post so we are splitting it into two posts. Here are four more ways that Pinkaloo users are leveraging their Modern Giving accounts in powerful ways to amplify their impact. You can access Part One here.

  • Save up for a BIGGGG Donation

Many millennial donors have felt that charitable giving is often reactive. They give when a coworker asks them to support their cause (see #4), or they give in response to a terrible tragedy, such as a natural disaster or geopolitical crisis.

But many of our users are using Pinkaloo to become proactive. More specifically, they are working towards making one or two larger gifts by using their account as a savings account. They are depositing funds each month and working towards making one bigger gift that will have a SIGNIFICANT impact further down the road, such as sponsoring a Habitat for Humanity home for a local family.

  • See a history of their giving

How often do you forget which organizations you have previously donated to? Our users love being able to see a history of which organizations they have supported. And if they want, they can make another donation in just a few clicks. No more digging through old emails to remember who you gave to!

  • Centralize their tax receipts

Speaking of digging through old emails, users love having their charitable tax receipts easily accessible so that they don’t need to dig them up when it comes time to do their taxes. This post highlights all of the ways that having a Modern Giving account makes taxes easier. TL;DR: Our users can see all of their donation activity in one place and easily prepare for taxes regardless if you do your taxes yourself, use TurboTax, or use an accountant. Plus, you can upload old tax receipts or receipts for any donations that you make outside of your account to have a comprehensive history in one place.

  • Make a deposit to receive an immediate tax benefit before year end

When it comes to charitable donations, the reality is that sometimes people make donations for tax purposes. They want their deduction. Some users find that their modern giving account is a great way to meet this need. They deposit funds into their account, get their tax receipt immediately, and later determine which organizations to support. But, they get the tax benefit as soon as the deposit is made! Some users have already told us that come December, they will see how much they have donated so far this year as compared to their goals, and will simply deposit the difference into their account to meet their goals for the year.

All this feedback has been from our first wave of users, and as we we add more we expect to see them discover other great benefits. And, as they do, we’ll share them here.

The good news is that anyone can join them! If you’re interested, you have a few options to get one of these awesome Modern Giving accounts. We prefer to partner with awesome companies and bring them to their employees as a new perk/benefit.  Have your HR/Benefits reach out to us at moderngiving[at] to get your company started.

Alternatively, you can open an account with our launch partner, the Austin Community Foundation. And get this: You don’t actually have to live in Austin! You can still get all of the benefits AND you and can donate to any charity that you want.  Woo hoo!

If you want to learn more about Pinkaloo, our platform, and our programs for Employers and Community Foundations, reach out to us at moderngiving @ or connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.