How Millennials are Using Charitable Giving Accounts to Amplify Their Impact

NOTE: For the second time recently, we had way more to share than fits into one digestible blog post so we are splitting it into two. This is part one.

We love the amazing feedback and stories that we are getting from people using our Modern Giving accounts! In just 3 months since we launched, we are seeing users leverage their Modern Giving accounts in powerful ways that allow them to maximize their impact and better manage their giving. Let’s explore them together.

  • Budgeting helps donors give more

The most common feedback we get from younger donors is that that they have wanted to donate more than they have each of the last few years, but hadn’t done a great job budgeting for it. Using Pinkaloo accounts, though, they’re finding it easier than ever to budget their charitable donations throughout the year. They can set up a recurring deposit each month for whatever amount they want and it is automatically transferred to their giving account.

The best part is that it adds up! Even $15 per month, which many of our users barely notice, becomes $180 over the course of the year. Donors can also make additional donations whenever they want throughout the year to support the causes that matter to them. In other words, it doesn’t all have to come at the end of the year!

  • Finding (local) charities that match their passions

The biggest charities have huge marketing budgets and, in turn, many people have tremendous awareness of their great work. At the same time, research shows that millennials prefer supporting causes or projects than make donations to massive umbrella organizations. It’s even better if those charities are local and focusing on improving the community.

But, it can be challenging to discover those great local organizations. While the Pinkaloo platform has just scraped the surface in our “Search and Discover” functionality, users are telling us that they love how the platform’s search results shows them the organizations that closest to them.

We are in beta testing rolling out a more precise project and organization search, allowing users to browse by the type of work or size of each organization. We’re already receiving fantastic feedback that being able to find great local organizations through our accounts is a preferable way to give.

  • The Giving Feed is great!

The Giving Feed shows users which organizations their peers are donating to. Donors are using it as a way to discover organizations that their community is passionate about and to drive new ideas for where and how to donate. Plus, original donors are winning pride points, knowing that their donations are promoting their preferred charities to other donors, which in turn helps them generate more donations.

P.S. Don’t worry, sharing your donations to the feed is optional and we never share donation amounts.

  • Have money set aside for when friends ask for a donation

Every few months a coworker asks us to support a cause that they are passionate about. Maybe they are growing a sweet stache for Movember or raising money for a local organization as part of running the New York marathon. Pinkaloo users love having a charitable “slush fund” that they can use to support their friends’ causes. They tell us that it doesn’t feel like reaching back into their pocket again as the money is already set aside. Plus, it’s easy to support their friends with just a few clicks.

Think a Modern Giving help would help you better manage your giving? If you’re interested, you have a few options to get one of these awesome Modern Giving accounts. We prefer to partner with awesome companies and bring them to their employees as a new perk/benefit.  Have your HR/Benefits reach out to us at moderngiving[at] to get your company started.

Alternatively, you can open an account with our launch partner, the Austin Community Foundation. And get this: You don’t actually have to live in Austin! You can still get all of the benefits AND you and can donate to any charity that you want.  Woo hoo!

If you want to learn more about Pinkaloo, our platform, and our programs for Employers and Community Foundations, reach out to us at moderngiving @ or connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.