How to stop your millennial donors from ghosting you (Part 2)

NOTE: This is the second in a two-part series on keeping millennials engaged once they’ve donated to your organization. You can read Part One here.

  • Make it easy to volunteer with your organization.

Many millennials want to volunteer with the organizations that they support. Some want to donate their time, and many have unique talents that can contribute to your organization’s goals. Following up with local opportunities for a donor to get involved with your charity’s work will create a greater bond and a higher likelihood for future and ongoing financial support. Consider either asking if donors are interested in volunteering as part of the online gift or in your follow up thank you message to give them a chance to get involved. You may also find success with asking for volunteer help rather than a second ask for a cash donation as the best way to engage your donors and to build a long-term relationship.  

  • Keep your donors updated on how their funds were used.

According to Amy Einstein, a primary reason that donors don’t make a follow-on gift is that they feel like they don’t know how their initial gift was used. Sharing the great work and results of your organization will both help your donors feel great about their gift and feel more connected to your work, leading them to want to give again in the future.

Bonus points for creating content focused on the people and organizations being helped by your work. Make it more about the beneficiaries than your organization. And a double bonus for creating any short videos to share with donors - which have a much greater ability to drive emotion than text or even pictures.

  • Invite donors to an in-person social event.

An in-person social event is another way to draw your donors closer to your organization and to your work. Even better, it offers them an opportunity to connect with like-minded people with similar passions.

The event doesn’t need to be extravagant, expensive or long. For example, you could invite donors to your offices or partner with a local bar to host a happy hour, simply with the goal of having donors meet each other. Plus it could lead to your donors networking and creating new opportunities with each other.

Incorporating these tactics into your donor stewardship program will do wonders to drive higher recurring giving rates from your younger donors and drive them to become an advocate for your work and your organization.

Connect with us to learn more about better engaging millennial donors and to see if offering Pinkaloo’s Modern Giving accounts to your donors makes sense.