Six Benefits of a Workplace Giving Program

If you’ve been following Pinkaloo’s launch and roll-out over the past several months, you may have noticed a new section on our website for employers. That’s because we’ve been working with a handful of pilot programs to offer Pinkaloo Modern Giving accounts as part of workplace giving programs. The amazing thing is that none of these pilot partners previously offered a workplace giving program but have chosen to roll one out leveraging our platform. 

The goal of these pilots is to provide our partners with an easy and affordable platform for their employees to participate in workplace giving. And while there are many altruistic reasons why this is a good thing, there are valuable benefits to employers as well. Here are the top benefits we’ve seen during our pilots:

  1. Brand Growth: I recently wrote about how companies can raise brand awareness, increase brand affinity, and grow goodwill in their communities and beyond. Brand benefits can sometimes be hard to measure, but there are definite ways in which creating a culture of charitable giving can have a high ROI, such as lowering recruiting costs.

  2. Quick & Easy Implementation: It’s fairly quick and easy to implement a corporate giving program (especially with Pinkaloo). That means it can be done at any point in the year, not only during open enrollment. In fact, I believe that it’s better to roll out a charitable giving program outside of a company’s open enrollment period. Why? Two reasons:

    1. Employees aren’t distracted with all of the complexities that come with open enrollment, especially when a new health insurance provider is being rolled out. Separate the stress and confusion of open-enrollment from rolling out a great workplace giving program will maximize participation rates and impact.

    2. Employees can become familiar with the culture of year-round charitable giving, thereby increasing their individual and maximizing the company’s overall impact.

  3. Increase Employee Engagement: Employee engagement is something almost every business desires but remains elusive for many. Why? There are many factors that boil down to workplace, culture, and opportunity, and getting them to change their perception can be a real challenge. Yet, companies with high employee engagement can significantly outperform their competitors. Workplace giving programs are a relatively low-cost way to boost employee engagement. Programs like Pinkaloo offer an opportunity to engage employees who may not participate in other engagement programs as the Modern Giving accounts simply offer them a better way to manage the donations that they’re already giving. Plus, the company receives deep insights into the charities and trends that matter to their team.

  4. Create a Community: Our pilot partners tell us that the Giving Feed and social features built into the Pinkaloo program help create a sense of community within the company in a way that other programs do not. Making it easy and organic for coworkers to connect around their charitable passions is a unique and powerful benefit of a workplace giving program, like Pinkaloo, that focuses on connectivity and collaboration.

  5. Boost Productivity: Workplace giving programs can empower employees to become more involved with the causes they’re passionate about. And empowered employees are more productive.

  6. Improve Morale: A workplace giving program not only shows your employees that your business cares about their passions, but it can also help employees express those passions. Giving programs contribute to creating an environment where employees feel encouraged to not only be themselves, but to be the best version of themselves.

If your company is searching for a better workplace giving program, contact us. We offer an easy-to-implement program with the all of the features that employees have come to expect: modern tools, web & mobile apps, and social features.