Be a superhero. Be an “above average” donor.

Individual donors are typically the backbone of small nonprofits, according to the results of a recent survey. The study polled 155 nonprofits with budgets under $2 million, and found the smaller the organization, the more it relies on individual donors. Additionally, the survey found that the average gift to smaller organizations is $445, while the average gift to larger organizations is $637.

Let’s break that down a bit to put it into perspective.

First, if you look at the average gift from a monthly perspective instead of an annual one, it comes to only $37 per month. That comes down to about $1.23 per day. That’s less than half of what the average American spends on a cup of coffee (Ahh, the classic coffee comparison. For a bit more info there, the average American spends $2.70 per cup of coffee; also 60 percent of millennials spend $4 or more on coffee on a regular basis).

How many of us buy a coffee on the way to work? A lot of us, apparently. A recent study found that we millennials spend more on coffee than we do on saving.

Now, here’s something interesting to consider. According to this Entrepreneur article, millennials give an average of $481 to charities each year. So, as a group, we’re giving more than the average donation. Wow, we didn't realize that, that's pretty cool!

Two questions then pop to mind, 1. Could we give more? and 2. Could we have more of an impact being focusing our giving and being a bit more proactive?

The answer to both is likely yes. A lot of us often feel tapped out with all of life’s expenses—rent, transportation, phone, food, food, coffee, food, the gym—plus the fun things we want too. That's where a budgeting tool like Pinkaloo's Modern Giving accounts can help. User's love being able to set aside a bit of money each month or each pay period that goes into their account, so they can more easily plan, budget, and meet their charitable goals.

And what about being more proactive and focusing our giving? Modern Giving accounts allow donors to set aside charitable funds, build up their balance, and later determine which organizations to support that match their passions. Further, donors can choose a few charities that they want to support with more of their giving rather than spreading smaller donations around to many organizations, allowing donors to become larger than average, SuperHero donors.

Want to find great projects and organizations to give to? Grab one of Pinkaloo’s Modern Giving accounts and you’ll see how easy it is to find outlets to give to, as well as to donate just a little more each month automatically. Contact Us for more info or connect with us on the Twitters.