How Pinkaloo Is Modernizing Financial Giving

In our recent series of posts, we looked at the Three T’s of Giving and how individuals , employers, and banks  can optimize their philanthropic efforts by embracing a more holistic approach to giving. But let’s face it, money is really important, and charities aren’t able to do great work in their communities without financial support. There are tens of thousands of deserving organizations across the globe and they need a better way to connect with donors big and small, which is one of the reasons that we created Pinkaloo.

We wanted donating to your favorite charities to be as easy as paying a friend back for a cup of coffee and more transparent than ever before. And by partnering with banks and employers, we’ve been able to make that possible. Here’s how Pinkaloo can help individual donors, employers, and banks modernize their giving.


One of Pinkaloo’s core principles is accessibility. We want to make philanthropy accessible to those who might shy away from it because they think it’s too complicated or that only large donations can make a difference. With a personal Modern Giving account, you can easily incorporate charitable giving into your budget, whether you deposit a lump sum or set aside a little every month. When you’re ready to distribute those funds, our research tools can help you pinpoint exactly which charities match your values so that every dollar counts towards change you care about. And finally, come tax season, you won’t have to deal with the headache of rounding up receipts to tally deductions. All your receipts will be ready for you in one place as soon as you deposit funds into your Modern Giving account.


Attracting and retaining top-quality talent is one of the best ways companies can set themselves up for a profitable future. But perks like free snacks, ping pong tables, and nap pods will only go so far these days. With millennials dominating the workforce—and Gen Z hot on their heels—company culture is more important than ever. Employees want to work for and stay with a company that shows they care about more than just profits. Establishing a Modern Giving program through Pinkaloo is proof of exactly that. It can be integrated into benefit packages as easily as a retirement plan or an HSA and communicates to employees that their employer is invested in them and the causes they care about. And with the insights Pinkaloo offers about where employees are donating, companies can learn more about what’s meaningful to the people that drive them forward.


When we created Pinkaloo, we knew we would need the partnership of financial institutions to achieve our ultimate goal of modernizing charitable giving. But we also knew that Modern Giving would be a powerful tool for banks to build better relationships with their customers. As charitable giving expands, smaller donors are making more of an impact, and they need an easy, secure way to make their donators. And what better partner than the banks they already use for everyday transactions? Our white-label account allows banks to attract new customers, solidify relationships with existing ones, and provide an innovative service that seamlessly integrates with existing products.