What interesting stuff can Pinkaloo possibly have to blog about?

This is the start of our blogging journey. Surely, you're thinking, "Everything interesting in philanthropy has already been blogged about." Being newcomers, we know we have a lot to learn and think we'll have new and interesting perspectives to add along the way.  

In almost every conversation that we have, we are asked how we started down this path, and what’s our background in giving and philanthropy. We'll continue sharing in future posts, but our journey stems from a fervent belief that with better software tools, donors and charities can drive more change and greater good more quickly.  We have found that our personal experiences donating both time and money have left us feeling there must be better solutions, and so we are on a mission to solve that, making giving easier, more fulfilling, and most importantly, creating a greater impact in our communities.  As we research giving trends, particularly among GenX and Millennial donors, and go to conferences, and make the inevitable mistakes and oops, we'll use this space to share.  

So what can you expect to see here? As we read about amazing organizations and charities that make our jaws drop, we'll post about them. As we come across articles that leave us scratching our heads, we'll ask, "Why?"  As our customers and users drive amazing outcomes, we'll proudly share them here, and when we inevitably stumble and learn from those incidents, we'll share that, too.

If you have dedicated your life to forwarding our culture and society or if you’re newer like us, get in touch with us - moderngiving [at] pinkaloo.com and let us know what you want us to write about and what we should read, follow us on Twitter or Facebook, and join us for this awesome journey to modernize giving!