Pinkaloo’s Platform for Financial Institutions

Discover how and why Financial Institutions are using Pinkaloo’s platform to manage and maximize their clients’ charitable giving.

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Deeper Customer Relationships

Modern Giving accounts help you build deeper relationships with existing clients and offers an opportunity to attract new customers who want a simple way to manage their donations.


Become a Leader

Pinkaloo’s donation platform is a leader in innovative FinTech. Using our platform spreads the message that you’re an innovative institutions supporting the community.


Participate in the Charity Economy

With over $282 billion donated to charities in 2016, financial institutions are looking for ways to power the charity economy. Pinkaloo provides a turnkey solution to engage in the $78+ billion Donor Advised Fund market.


Trust Goes Both Ways

Using our platform shows your clients you care about the economic viability of their community just as Pinkaloo believes the safety and security of our clients is our top priority.


Empower Philanthropy in your Community

Our technology can safely and securely process large volumes of donations allowing you to power your customer's philanthropy.


Easy to implement

We can seamlessly integrate with your existing online banking platform or provide our custom white-labeled portal. 

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Pinkaloo Features for Financial Institutions

We help financial institutions power their customer’s charitable giving by:

  • Providing an easy to use, modern interface for existing Donor Advised Fundholders to manage funds.
  • Offering customers Modern Giving accounts to easily manage all of their charitable giving.
  • Allowing credit card customers the ultimate flexibility in how they can donate rewards points to their favorite charities.
  • Empowering workplace giving programs with your corporate clients.



Pinkaloo's core team all started in banking and transitioned to tech but we have always had a burning passion for philanthropy. Let's work together to bring our Modern Giving accounts to your socially conscious customers.