Modern Workplace Giving

Modern Giving is a workplace giving program that actually
drives engagement with your employees and creates a
community around Philanthropy within your company.

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Why a Modern Workplace Giving Program?

We’ve got some numbers to prove it.


of companies believe that offering employee engagement opportunities is an important recruitment strategy to newer generations.


of employees say they want to work for companies who have mission and values that align with their own. 


of engaged employees put in 57% more effort and are 87% less likely to change companies.

From Intuition to Real Insights

Pinkaloo’s platform gathers rich data into the charities and causes that your employees care about, to help you align corporate philanthropy with what matters to your employees.

Spark Efficiency

Replace the tedious administration of corporate giving programs, including processing donation matching and other employee incentives with a robust, user-friendly platform.

Manifest the Passion of Giving in your Corporate Culture.

When you enable a culture of giving in the workplace, the passion begins to trickle down into your products, corporate culture and in the work of employees. This sense of sharing and collaboration drives innovation and creativity, eventually leading to greater business growth.


How It Works

getting started

Getting Started: Configure

Work with us to configure the platform according to your business needs and integrate it with your workflow. You have the flexibility to modify:

  • Promoted charities
  • Branding
  • Matching campaigns
  • Reward and recognition tie-ins
roll out

Roll Out

On-board your employees by sharing an invite link to either create their personal Modern Giving accounts or activate Charitable Gift Accounts.


Rich Insights into Employee Interests

While your employees self-manage their accounts, you can learn about their behavior to deliver better workplace engagement campaigns aligned towards their interests and passions.

Features that make Pinkaloo the best options for Employers

  • Encourages collaboration amongst
    coworkers via the Giving Feed
  • Automated employer donation matching,
    including for all donations or specific campaigns/charities
  • Charitable incentives for employee referrals, work
    anniversaries, etc
  • White-labeled with your logo and brand standards


Our growing community of valued partners.

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