Managing charitable donations needs to be easy, convenient, and fun for younger donors!  Here's how we solve that.

Donors open their account through your white-labeled giving platform, and then the awesomeness begins:

  1. Easily transfer money into their account whenever they want and from any device, either with a card or bank account transfer.
  2. Immediately receive their charitable donation receipt.  If they choose to make a donation outside of the app, they can upload that receipt too and access all of them in one place during tax season.
  3. Continue to make deposits to their account when they want and how they want, on a one-off or a recurring basis.
  4. Send money from their account to ANY IRS compliant US charity or project that they want.  
  5. Repeat to their heart's content and make the world a better place.  That's modern giving.

Plus a bunch of other awesome tools: create and work towards donation goals, share their passion projects with friends and in the near future find curated projects and like-minded people to create greater change together.  



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