Modern giving for a modern world

Technology helps Community Foundations, Membership Organizations, and Associations build stronger communities and drive greater change.


With Pinkaloo's Giving Platform

  • Create deeper relationships with your community members through our modern giving account

  • Engage the next generation of power donors

  • Raise more funds for your causes and projects


The (Modern) Giving Account

For our Clients, it’s a Donor Advised Fund management suite that allows customers to bring white-labeled giving accounts to their whole community.

For Donors, it’s like a Venmo® or checking account to centralize their charitable donations through a modern web and mobile app (plus much more, keep reading!).

Pinkaloo's Giving Account democratizes DAFs and enables Community Foundations, Membership Organizations, or any Non-Profit to scalably manage accounts and drive greater change with their community.




  • Create a long-term relationship with younger donors and learn their giving behaviors. 
  • Oversee all charitable activity from your account holders. Similar to how their bank sees all of their activity from their checking account.
  • Be front and center as donors make their spontaneous donations. 

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  • It’s accessible & easy — low minimum deposit, and doesn’t feel like a complicated fund.
  • It’s flexible — donors can fund their account to fit their budget, from monthly to annually.
  • It's extremely convenient — manage donations during their business schedules.
  • Easy, stress-free giving!

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Partners & Integrations

We have tons of integrations and certifications to make you and your account holders lives easy and safe.

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Ask us about becoming a preferred partner to help shape our platform to seamlessly fit you and your community.  


How It Works



  1. Pinkaloo integrates its white-labeled Giving Account into your website and creates a white-labeled mobile app.

  2. We work together to develop a launch plan to brings these accounts to your community.

  3. Launch the partnership and grow the number of relationships that you have.
  4. Message users about your most exciting causes and increase their engagement with YOUR projects.
  5. Leverage the data and insights to drive your strategies forward.

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  1. Easily and safely transfer money into their account via a card or bank transfer.
  2. Immediately receive their charitable donation receipt.
  3. Continue to make deposits to their account when and how they want.
  4. Send money from their account to ANY IRS compliant charity or project that want.  
  5. Repeat to their heart's content.

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